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About High School of Choice

What is Waxahachie High School of Choice?
 We are an alternative high school, designed to help at-risk students achieve their goals of high school graduation and beyond!

What does "alternative school" mean?
An alternative school is a term used to describe schools which provide a different option for students, other than the traditional school setting.


Enrollment Process

  • An application for High School of Choice must be picked up from the counseling department at the students' home campus - WHS or Global.
  • A completed application will be submitted to the home campus' counseling department. The parent/guardian's signature is required for an application to be accepted.
  • Director of Alternative Learning will visit both high schools to sit down with the Principal & counselors and discuss the recommended students one by one. At the end of the meeting, the Director will let the campuses know which students will be approved for admission.
  • The Director of Alternative Learning Services will set an orientation date. Home campus counselors (WHS & Global) are responsible for informing the student and the parent of Date and Time.
  • Students are still WHS or Global Students until the student and the parent have had orientation and made the decision to come to HSoC after the orientation.
  • Orientation is mandatory for ALL students.
  • Both student and parent (unless 18 years of age) must attend the scheduled orientation for the enrollment process to be complete. If a student is on probation or parole, their Probation or Parole officer is recommended to attend, so that all stakeholders are on the same page.

Criteria For Acceptance

Students are eligible for the application process. The below are established criteria and process standards used to make a determination on acceptance. Other mitigating factors may be considered although those factors may not be below:
  • Parent/Student must provide proof of residency.
  • The student must be enrolled between 6-9 weeks at WHS/Global (First).
  • A minimum of 16/17 Credits.
  • Passed at least three (3) of the fice (5) E.O.C. (End of Course) Exams required for graduation.
      • Biology
      • ELA I
      • ELA II
      • U.S. History
      • Algebra
  • Classified as a Senior or Junior. (Note: Sophomores and Freshman can be considered although not recommended. Seniors and Juniors take priority.)
  • Attendance is a Major factor of acceptance.
  • Discipline is a Major factor of acceptance.
  • Provide own transportation to HSoC.
  • Entry into HSoC IS NOT an ARD/LPAC/504 or RTI Decision.
  • Lack sufficient amount of credits for grade level (at least 1 year behind)
  • Has experienced personal, family, or other issues which have hindered academic success and/or attendance in the traditional school settings.
  • Has a job and/or adult responsibilities (e.g. teen parent) that require a flexible schedule.